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Maine Street Web Design understands that you're spending most of your free time with your small business. It takes a lot to successfully run your operation. Why not have us create and maintain an affordable, attractive and functional website for you?

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Site Design

When a customer enters your store or uses your service for the first time, they form an opinion based on their first impression. If your storefront is in need of a paint job and the outside is in a state of disarray, customers may not come into the store, solely based on that impression.

Similarly, If your website is outdated or not properly maintained, customers will form a negative impression that can be just as damaging to your business. As the technological revolution continues to grow, the same care you put into your service also has to be dedicated to the design of your website.

Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial when designing an effective website. Without it, the search engines your customers utilize won't be capable of paraphrasing the most important parts of your site. In other words, a would-be customer searching for your services may never find their way to your doorstep. Maine Street Web Design is knowledgeable of the ever-changing means that search engines use when crawling your website to find information.

Social Media

A common theme that we hear among small business owners is, "I have a Facebook page. Isn't that enough?" Although it is important to keep up with social media, it's not recommended to have it as your only presence on the web. Facebook and Google are an excellent way to update your customers on your latest promotions and events, but it is an inadequate way to showcase your entire business. The only thing worse than a bad website... is no website at all.

Video Production

As an added value (No extra cost to you), incorporating quality video on your website provides you with a personalized way of reaching out to your customers' specific needs. You have the opportunity to introduce yourself, your business, and what makes your services special to customers across the globe. Maine Street Web Design can tailor to your needs, so that you can tailor to your customers.

Mobile Friendly

Maine Street Web Design can get you up and running with a new, modern website from start to finish; No matter what platform your customers are using, whether it be a desktop, a tablet or mobile phone, we'll make sure they get the best responsive user experience possible. And the design of your page is a lot less expensive than you might think. We are sure to get you the world wide presence that your business deserves.